From the dark turbines of a hurricane they free themselves in the lights and colours of an aurora borealis and, first overwhelmed, then gently enveloped, they germinate delicate petals. Resilience is the force of life, which recognises weakness to face difficulties and almost magically, regains the ability to challenge adversity, transform pain into courage and confidence to exceed itself and emerge stronger.

Her painting is full of symbolism, which focuses on nature, an immense source of inspiration. Nature gives life and nourishment and Mother Earth is the protector of primary energies and the mother of all life forms. In genesis, the earth is defined as the “raw material” and, from this ancient concept of “mother earth” that creates all life forms, including man, the earth is understood as the source of life, it nourishes us, sustains us and has that incredible ability to transform what is impure into beautiful living creatures – flowers and plants – with unparalleled generosity, even where the existence of any forms of life seems impossible.

A large body of work captures the moment of flowering, a show that wants to be a metaphor and a pretext for expressing thoughts, intense feelings and strong emotions. The figurative element, in this case taken from the natural world, is lost and harmonised in the informal and creates poetic visions. Floating plants or plants at the mercy of events, trees or tendrils with strong roots, bend under pressure, but still find the strength to germinate and bloom. Phytomorphic elements are so delicately and pictorially refined that they become elegant arabesques. (Blossoming series; The tree of Life; The good giant, Roots, Vanity).
We can make out different suggestions. A look is turned towards the Liberty not only to capture the natural element and for the language featured in some of line of strength, sinuous line works, but also for the sense of lightness and for the attention to detail.
Thus, these paintings have an affect for the undeniable beauty of the subjects, the colour combinations taken from a bright palette and the delicacy of the nuances, in addition to their originality. When we observe these these works we also recognise a pictorial inclination to the romantic aesthetics of the sublime, for the way in which the artist stands before nature, immense and infinite, aware of her personal smallness.

It is painting of experimentation and research, in continuous evolution, both for the subjects that are followed and change and renew themselves always looking for new combinations, but also for the pictorial technique. The gestures always remain strong, the incisive and material brushstroke is almost always present, but this is associated with a subtracting action by dripping various substances, through which the canvas can be glimpsed.
Operations that create extraordinary effects of light that seems to emanate from within the picture, elements that melt, lose weight or create fragmented textures.

They are inner works, which softly whisper and speak of feelings, emotions, memories, personal experiences that are freed in gesture, in the work that is sometimes placid and sometimes more tormented.
But in this enchanting microcosm you can see the whole universe.