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Silvia Canton’s art stems from small things, from simple aspects of daily life. It is a magnifying glass on details which for most people go by unobserved because as she herself says “we are no longer able to look”.

Distracted by the noises of an increasingly more frenetic lifestyle, we unknowingly pass by details of nature which are instead at the centre of the paintings of this young artist. Raindrops, tree trunks, willows, buttercups, the Sile river: these are the subjects of her paintings, almost all large and square in shape. 

What astonishes me most, and still continues to astonish me when I look at the works of Silvia Canton, is the clear difference between the simplicity of a source of inspiration so apparently flat and the disruptive force produced by her paintings.

There is no quiet in her works: everything is research, observation, continuous and never-ending discovery. One is struck by the emphasis on colour, strong colours, where blues alternate with reds, and reveal a very personal interpretation to the detriment of mere representation. It is the character of the artist, her most intimate personality, which makes room for itself and emerges through the representation of nature. 

With untiring brush strokes, Silvia Canton seems to bridle the canvas with a stroke of great insistence that is never left to chance. In her paintings, I see reflected the volutes of her curly copper-coloured hair in a perfect synthesis of the artist’s soul and her work. The succession of continuous brush strokes leaves no room for indifference, but captures the gaze and forces it to follow the vortices and spirals of her paintings.

 “Inside the tree”, for example, bewitches me with its intertwined branches which, from scattered and thin become, further down, increasingly thicker. And then there is the clear and inflexible light which penetrates the thicket, leaving the gaze free to roam. Almost as if the top part of the tree were at loggerheads with the lower part and were to thus establish a dialogue set up inside the tree.

In the “Raindrops” on the other hand, I see an attention for the tiniest detail to which Silvia Canton gives substance, placing it, even only for a moment, at the centre of the World. Red and gold alternate on this canvas, creating precious embroideries and evoking, perhaps unintentionally, her experience in the stage costume sector. 

The obstinacy of someone who has decided to follow the dream of being an artist and drive along an uphill road, without being put off by difficulties can, in my opinion be perceived in these very personal works which, with the pretext of narrating an accident of nature, reveal instead the private tales of a deep soul.


Andrea Brunello (Managing Director of Artematica)





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